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The following readings were recorded at the issue 3 launch on 9th June at the Poetry Society Studio, upstairs at the Poetry Café, 22 Betterton Street, London:

Nicholas Cobic Like a Dandelion, Carl Dhiman Word Breathing and Waiter, Elizabeth Hayward Lost Innocence, Aoife Mannix Called and Empty, Mark McGuinness Astonishment, Mary Michaels The Traveller and Continuity, Niall O'Sullivan Glass, Heather Taylor When I Went to See ..., Robert Yates The Years and Talking With a Politics Lecturer About Music.

The following were recorded at the issue 5 launch on 15th December at the Poetry Society Studio:

James Byrne Economy and Memories of Pemaquid Bay, Nicholas Cobic Flowing and One Evening, Niall McDevitt Two Poems, Todd Swift The Death of Charles Bronson, Alison Trower Empty Town.

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