Privacy Policy

This website contains links that prepare your email programme to send an email. Sending an email from one of the email links will reveal your email address, and perhaps other personal information like your name depending on how you have set up your email programme. When offered, you must opt in to receive features like newsletters and may opt out at any time from the website of by contacting the editor.

This website does not ask for personal information like age, gender, income, interests and so on. This website does not ask for credit card, bank or other personal financial details. Online payments and subscriptions are processed securely by a payment gateway, which has its own privacy policy. No third pary collects information via this website and there is no third party advertising. Information kept by The Wolf is not shared, exchanged or sold to others. Information may be disclosed if in good faith the editor believe this is necessary to comply with the law.

This website does not use cookies or other tracking methods. General information about website use is provided by our internet service provider. When you connect to this website the server will record your IP address. IP addresses are routinely logged by webservers. An IP address may reveal the geographical location and internet service provider being used to access this website. It is not be possible to identify you personally from this information. Other information logged when you visit this website comprises browser type, referring page, entry page, exit page, destination page, date and time.

This policy applies soley to The Wolf magazine website.