Peter Redgrove

At the University

The piano, on which you touch
               the cold treble:
                             the tender and virgin seal

Pervades the house.
               I meet the vice-chancellor
                             in his robes,

I am in my old blue
               dressing gown;
                             both costumes

Are loose and open;
               much kissing
                             as counter-octopus

To virginal influences.
               Such contaminations
                             come from love,

University love.
               The ruins are haunted
                             by a reasonable voice

Like a cat's and by the smells
               of the mud-pits, the virtual garden
                             where I have seen

Each thing in its own dawn shadow.
               Morning has the air
                             of a dream until

About 5.30. Therefore the yogis
               and the monks
                             begin their days

In the smaller hours than this.

4 Feb 2001


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