Niall McDevitt

Two Poems

1 crack-whore

she'll strut the grey blur the A-Z jigsaw
and feel the city revolving about her hips
ebon-fleshed clay-glossy cool in their nets
she is her own saleswoman and merchandise

the phantoms she's had the 1000 minor officials
of Pluto who come to consult her in shadows
would grope her demon made by silkworms
and rip it to tatters with their cobra fangs

she's sold to black magic her cells need crystal
(just a few rocks to build her own African palace)
as here in the lead-river labyrinth she commands
skeleton troops to invade drains gutters conduits

2 whore's noodles

Chinese as the night and omnipresent
she's so flexible she feels immune from death
in these peepshow streets Soho's the globe
the opium-eclipsed moons of her eyes orbit

neon noodles neon spaghetti
of Chinatown and Little Italy
cross-pollination of red sirens red lights
glowering in the Circean gulf

and the shanghai'd man shall hang
from the horny cusp
as he pays his black widow
by Gold Card


China White with a pidgin whisper
disappears behind a DO NOT DISTURB
already she can smell the sea-slugs the sandalwood
chop-chopping as one who is immune from love

Niall McDevitt was one of the co-organisers of The Palace of Wisdom - a 24 hour poetry symposium in honour of William Blake. He writes in English and Pidgin.


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