Sandeep Parmar

Loy Returns to Paris

Le Bonheur the bloodless mechanics of travel. Kicking at space is no arrival. You collect the child you left now provincial and round from planning menus, and improving her script for four years in an Italian village. Giulia's negrita Joella, her curls browning illegitimately. The rue Campagne-Premier, a grey, hutched widow-latch for a Poiret with fine bone structure. Refurbished vanities choir on workshop tables. Address books somersault, and a life is written from 'Z' to pseudonym. Curving fingers smelt graphite into cracks. Fine noses of inherited genius, blackly spar and bring turtles to your babies, note their approving babble for use in their trades. Elbowed pages, snapped under books, crooked deletions migrate in the direction of an echo. Festooned shadows bend over your youngest Fa bene, dusting pillboxes, carrying coloured glass from one childhood to the next.


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