Jeremy Quinn

Thank You Hitler

I run errands for my uncle when he's not
Scrubbing the turkeys
Or chopping up cows

Lovely to see you Mrs Davies I say
Slapping her with a pound of bacon

You know you're a good boy helping your uncle out
Why don't you come in for a cup of tea?
I have that cake you like

Can't I've got to be off next time maybe?
I've got errands to run
On this old bike loaded up with meat
But wave to me from the doorstep
Once I reach the top of the hill
And I'll waive back
I'll even add the little wobble
Which makes you gather your pinny
Towards your bosom
And love me that little bit more
For my cheeky boyish wartime
Ration book frolics

Jeremy Quinn is one of the co-founders of Radge poets. He is one of the most respected spoken word poets in London.


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