Sasha Dugdale


It is 7.10. The boat has left.
She knows. She knew all along
And now she sits and files her nails
At a café table and sings fever.

She has told the nanny to stay late
She sits and files. It is 7.12
The boat is still visible. She knew
All along. Never knew how much .  

She will have perfect nails.
Her last lullaby is sung and
The boat is dwindling but not yet gone.
It is 7.15. Some wine  

She sings, now her mind is made up
She is quite undone. Filing fast
She sings Lord you got me
Over and over. The night comes.  

The boat is a speck. It is 7.
20 and darkness everywhere
She must slip into something finer
She knew. Oh she knew all along.  

7.30. She lays her ten fingers
On the table and compares each one.
There is a begging child. She gives it
Money, shakes the varnish, brushes on  

Vermeil, flawless like her clothes.
Dark as the streets, her dress and
Darker still her nails, the boat
Is all gone and now she knows  

Fever! she sings again, it is a
Looping song, too late to stop
Singing it will soon be eight
It will soon be over, she knew  

All along, she sings fever and
Blows her drying fingers, blows
Kisses into the sky and sings
More wine for Dido. She is all sung.

Sasha currently works as a translator and consultant at the Royal Court. Four of her translations have been staged. In 2003 she received an Eric Gregory Award.


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