Peter Redgrove

The Immense Dew of Falmouth

Doorlocks loosened by a harmonious oil, a drop from the
                    plane's engine touches water, and a rainbow
                                         springs across the wet roofs;

Water is the big sister
                    and the little sister
                                         the immense dew of Falmouth,

Dew soaking and seductive
                    visible influence spread on all the roofs,
                                         the moon bright with wonder,

Moons spring up in every roof.
                    A mist now: instead
                                         of a single moon,

Blossom shining over the sky,
                    the bloom like an overhanging village
                                         of the shining dead

With its buttresses and alleys,
                    and every room lit up;
                                         then the bells start ringing

And the mist clears;
                    I look at the tiny dew
                                         on my hairy sleeves:


February 6th 2001


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