George Szirtes

Song (from 'Black Sea Sonnets')

Inside every other is a you, and this is you
is what I would sing, if I had a voice to sing it,
because the song would be poignant, pointed,
unmistakable, rejoicing, eternal and blue,
the way a horn tails off into silence or an unlit
room. And I'd hear the Black Sea as it shunted
slowly to an fro, its joy made of desire,
of loss, and sheer astonishment. Perhaps
as its core, in its dying deep bed, it moans
and hums in a voice we can't hear, that laps
at the place where our hands were, where a silver wire
of foam creeps beneath the skin into the bones
and goes on living there, I don't know how,
but it's as if I heard that singing now.

Taken from Reel published by Bloodaxe (2004)


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