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Recordings of poets reading their work are presented in RealAudio format.

About RealAudio
RealAudio is a streaming media, which means you can start listening before the whole file is downloaded. The BBC uses RealAudio extensively.

RealAudio files are played using the RealOne media player. You can get the basic RealOne player for free. Ignore the offers of premium content and select basic or free at every option. It's a 7Mb download but a worthwhile addition to your kit. On installation select ‘Custom’ and uncheck all the shortcut options except ‘Add RealOne shortcut to your start up menu’ to avoid lots of ads and special offers.

I can't hear anything?
Check your volume level. Check the PC speakers aren't muted. If you use headphones, check they are connected.

Why don't all recordings have a text version on the website?
A generous sample of poems from each issue is posted on the website. For the rest, you can buy the magazine…

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