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The Wolf launch of issue 22. Poetry Studio, Covent Garden, London, November 30th 2009. Mark Leech, Niall McDevitt, Anna Smaill and Jeffery Wainwright. Hosted by James Byrne.

A selection of poems by Alfred Corn recorded at Columbia University, New York City, November 24th 2009. Titles: ‘The Adversary’, ‘Debriefing’ and ‘Intervals’.

A selection of poems by Siddhartha Bose, recorded in Covent Garden, London, November 30th 2009.

Unedited Interview with Ruth Padel (February 2009) for Wolf 20

Manchester Tour Event- 2008

Troubadour - London - 2008

Aberystwyth - 2007

Byrne, James

Memories of Pemaquid Bay 1' 43"

Cobic, Nicholas

Flowing 1' 46"
Like a Dandelion 1'

Mannix, Aoife

Called 1' 49"
Empty 1' 19"

McDevitt, Niall

Two Poems 2' 4"

O'Sullivan, Niall

Glass 4' 26" Text

Swift, Todd

The Death of Charles Bronson 2' 41"

Yates, Robert

The Years 1' 56"
Talking With a Politics Lecturer About Music 41"

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