About The Wolf Magazine

The Wolf magazine was founded in April 2002 by James Byrne and Nicholas Cobic with a clear emphasis on publishing emerging new poets alongside more established writers.

It is now published three times a year and edited by James Byrne .

The formative years of The Wolf quickly established the magazine as a leading independent poetry magazine in the UK. As Bloodaxe editor Neil Astley remarked during a lecture for Stanza: The next [poetry magazine] to watch will be The Wolf , which has a young editorial team who aren't afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

Since 2002, over 350 poets have been published in The Wolf , from all continents of the world.

The Wolf publishes international translations, critical prose and interviews with leading contemporary poets, which are frequently mentioned as distinguishing characteristics of the magazine.

The poetry, however, comes purely through work submitted. There is no 'friends pile' or special treatment with regard to the consideration of any poet or poem.

Anyone is welcome to submit poetry or critical work, at any time. Depending on quantities of submissions, you may receive an email reply within six months of your submission. If, for any reason, you do not receive a reply in this time, please send a query to our main email address (thewolfpoetry@hotmail.com) The Wolf reserves the right not to reply to every submission, particularly circulars and unaddressed emails.

Additionally, The Wolf is committed to publishing high quality artwork (again, submissions are welcome).

Renowned for its auspicious launches, once a year, The Wolf also embarks on a poetry tour. Recent tour cities have included Montreal, Boston, Paris and London. The Wolf Tour 2009 included readings with Fulcrum magazine and Concordia University and The Wolf is grateful for developing these literary partnerships that enable the magazine to tour each year. (please check news items for further details).

The Wolf encourages both email and postal submissions and has a purchase & subscriptions facility that can accommodates using PayPal (recommended for international subscribers) or the sending of individual cheques. The Wolf , like most poetry magazines, relies on subscriptions in order to survive.

The current team of The Wolf includes:

Editor: James Byrne

Reviews Editor: Sandeep Parmar

Advisory panel: Carolyn Forché, John Kinsella, Alfred Corn, Dante Micheaux

International translation advisor: Stephen Watts

Designer: Lara Shuttle

Administrator: Jon Currie

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