The Wolf 6

April 2004

Print edition contents

  • The Editors' Introduction
  • Matthew Sweeney Handover
  • Jonathan Asser Relaxing Evening
  • Veronika Koever Chestnut Condolences
  • Kona Macphee Shrew
  • Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers: Personalising Petrarch
  • Paul Murphy twelve Woodcuts by Deryck
  • John G Hall Communion
  • Jane Capon Off the Map
  • Alan Hill Woolwich at Closing Time
  • Three Wolf Reviews (Dening, Taylor, Yates)
  • Jim Dening Waiting by the door
  • Heather Taylor Goodnight Irene
  • Robert Yates The Wall
  • Gay Jude Kid
  • Valeria Melchioretto House Without Roof
  • Nicholas Cobic Illness
  • James Byrne Medicine
  • Cheryl Follon Upstairs at the Red Hole Tavern
  • Sarah Gibbons Scars
  • Tanja Mandic Rigonat Idleness
  • Idris Caffrey Brica-Brac
  • The Wolf Interview: Sarah Maguire
  • Sarah Maguire My Father's Piano
  • Matthew Sweeney The Dance
  • Nigel Lawrence On Being Oliver Reed
  • Yvonne Green Letter from Shushan
  • Sandra Bunting Libya
  • Jennifer Bruce Azerbaijan
  • Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers Canberra Take One
  • The Wolf Review: Barry MacSweeney
  • Barry MacSweeney Daft Patter
  • Heather L Thill Streetlamp
  • Katherine Gallagher The Circus Apprentice
  • Andrew Copeman South
  • Martin Adams The Shipping Forecast
  • Niall McDevitt: Blake as Urban Shaman
  • Nicholas Cobic Letter to a Friend in Prison
  • Kona Macphee Tails
  • Andrew Shelley The Symbols
  • Credits

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