The Wolf 5

December 2003

Print edition contents

  • The Editors' Introduction
  • Rebecca Root Burnt Fish
  • Todd Swift The Death of Charles Bronson
  • James Norcliffe The Gentle Art of Manipulation
  • Victoria Mosley From the Flip Side
  • Davide Trame Prologue
  • The Wolf Review: Apples & Snakes - Velocity
  • Roger McGough The Last Strike
  • Niall McDevitt Two Poems
  • Nicholas Cobic Palimpset of a Whore
  • Alison Trower Empty Town
  • Sonja Besford Tarot Cards
  • Jan Oskar Hansen My Brother's Wife
  • Pedro Trevino Ramirez Insignifica Symphonia
  • Sojourner Hodges Remind Me
  • Avik Chanda Kumantuli
  • Byron Benyon Perfect Pitch
  • The Wolf Interview Jeremy Reed
  • Jeremy Reed Broken Hearts
  • Soraya Maciel A Clergymen on Being Alone
  • Jeremy Reed One Road
  • Molly Miller Ode to Cancer
  • Mark Leech November
  • James Byrne Our Silent Fathers
  • Niall McDevitt History
  • Kris T'Khan The Tomb
  • Elizabeth Harrin Engagement
  • The Wolf Review Bloodaxe: Poems of the Year
  • Kapka Kassabove The Door
  • The Wolf Interview: Neil Astley
  • James Byrne Economy
  • Dragan Raspopovic Presentiment
  • Nicholas Cobic Flowing
  • Ram Drew Reflections
  • Rosie Edwards Tracks
  • Louise Vale Consolation
  • Christopher Twigg Rimbaud's Grave
  • Todd Swift Devil's Island
  • Joanna Quinn Barristers
  • Christopher North Duende in Northwood Hills
  • Simon Elinas Blank Pages
  • Credits

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