The Wolf 33

Colin Channer - All the Kin-ness in Foil Shrouds
Ishion Hutchinson - Inferno
Ranjit Hoskote - from Memoirs of the Jonahwhale
Elena Karina Byrne - St. Augustine's Confessional Custom 11
Eleanor Perry - from borstal | unthrum | loom
Golan Haji - Bubble
Steve Willey - from Living In : In Sufficiency
Alfred Corn - At Some Length
Ruth Wiggins - Throat Song
Ruth Wiggins - To the Steppes
Eua Ionnou - Allophones
Sophie Collins - Before
Sophie Collins - Ed
Jan Baeke - In Theory
Paul Casey - Initial Pill
Steven Fletcher -
Drew Milne - Alloa Lichens
Erik Lindner - Witnesses at the Threshold
Penelope Shuttle - Will You Walk a Little Faster?
Anthony Howell - Loft
Elena Karina Byrne - I Fear my After-thirst

The Wolf Artist in Residence: Bill Bulloch

In Conversation: Colin Channer and Ishion Hutchinson

Nikolai Duffy - History or Sleep by Robert Sheppard

Christian Campbell - Manifesto of S

Ruth Ling - Loop of Jade by Sarah Howe

Christopher Madden - Lyric Voice and You




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