The Wolf 32

Kelvin Corcoran & Alan Halsey – from A Horse that Runs
Yang Lian – Wangfujing – Summer Palace
Michelle Cahill – Insiders/Afghanistan
Michelle Cahill – Night Roads
Joanne Ashcroft – from 10 Charms for Deafness
Steve Van-Hagen – The Tale of the Water Tribe
Niall McDevitt – Burn
Colin Channer – Providential
Fadwa Soleiman – Two tears flooding Paris
Lucy Hamilton – Mules & Men
Ishion Hutchinson – The White Steamer
R.A. Villanueva – Crown
Niall McDevitt – Baldwin IV
Christopher Twigg – In the Night Shelter
John Kinsella – Graphology Précis
Valerie Duff – Heat Lightning
Yang Lian – Canto 2: Ghost Composer
Eoghan Walls – On the Principles of Dove Magic
Jonathan Morley – On the Spit
Colin Channer – Balls
Kate Noakes – Crime of passion domestic violence repairing
Michael Egan – obasych the hippo
Alex Houen – Infancy as History
Mark Leech – Knife
Ellen Hinsey – The Annals of Evidence

Jack Little on Contemporary Mexican Poetry
Gaspar Orozco – Film Projected on a Piano Key
Gaspar Orozco – from Memorial de la Peonia
Rocío Cerón – 13 Ways to Inhabit a Corner
Alberto Blanco – from Triptychs of the Vowels

The Wolf Artist in Residence – Patricia Farrell

The Wolf interviews Kelvin Corcoran

Tom Jenks – In the Catacombs & Speculatrix by Chris McCabe

JT Welsch – Spontaneous Particulars by Susan Howe

Niall McDevitt – New Collected Poems by David Gascoyne

John Kinsella – Redefining or Maybe Replacing 'Place'




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