The Wolf 31

December 2014

Chris McCabe – I used to be a Teenage Genius
Chris McCabe – The Repossessor
Sara Ventroni – You say I am class-conscious...
Sara Ventroni – Hereafter
Alvin Pang – -drawn
Alvin Pang – Obituary
Marilyne Bertoncini – Amarcord
D.S. Marriott – Syncope
Dénes Krusovszky – The Girl
Jana Bodnárová – Kharkivian
Jana Bodnárová – Childhood Town
Nia Davies – psychoanalysis
Isobel Armstrong – Atheist's Negative Space
Nigel McLoughlin – from Event Horizon
Tom Jenks – from Spruce
Jorge Esquinca – Prose of St. Agnes' Path to Heaven
Jorge Esquinca – The Cow
Will Stone – Reading Reck
Matthew Sweeney – Hogs Killing a Snake
Alec Finlay – To Live in an Independent Scotland
Dénes Krusovszky – Superfluous Shore
Antony Rowland – M2: The Knott Sluice
Manoel de Barros – from Book About Nothing
John James – Flickering Encounter
Sarah James – Oil and Water
Jerome Rothenberg – The Likht Variations

The Wolf Artists in Residence
Lenka Đorojevic & Matej Stupic (with an introductio
by Simona Žvanut)

Ariel Resnikoff interviews Jerome Rothenberg

Oliver Dixon – Broken Hierarchies by Geoffrey Hill

Jonathan Catherall – Mother Blake by Carol Watts,
In Neuter by D.S. Marriott and The Rottweiler's Guide
to the Dog Owner by SJ Fowler

Robert Sheppard – Artifice and Artificers:
The Meaning of Form in the Work of Christopher Middleton

Andrew Duncan – Lost Time is Not Found Again




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