The Wolf 28

July 2013

Charles Bernstein – The Sixties, with Apologies
Habib Tengour – Conversation with Mohammed Dib
C.D. Wright – from One with Others
C.D. Wright – Obscurity and Elegance
Shamshad Abdullaev – Summer, Landscape
Shamshad Adullaev – Neighbour
Gabriel Levin – Unveiled in Jerusalem
Clayton Eshleman – Bodhisattva Remains
Niall McDevitt – Manna
Niall McDevitt – Let Us Celebrate Dickens
Sarah Crewe – the political
Aidan Semmens – Test Site
Ana Gorría – Rubble
Ana Gorría – Failure
Miguel Casado – from In the City
Víctor Rodríguez Núñez – Four
Jodi Johnson – Artemis in Thin Hours
Michael McKimm – Tertiary Basalts
Mark Leech – Something of the Map
Tomica Bajsic – The Wounded Man Tempts God
Damir Šodan – the afternoon of a clown
Danielle Wheeler – Daughter of the Mountains
Danielle Wheeler – June
Siddhartha Bose – Dreamtime
Juris Kronbergs – Stockholm Market Hall
Jodi Johnson – Eloidhech
Christopher Twigg – Elegy

The Wolf Artist in Residence: Reem Yassouf

Stephen Ross interviews Charles Bernstein

Dear World & Everyone In It edited by Nathan Hamilton

Tales of a Severed Head by Rachida Madani

Red Doc> by Anne Carson

When the Barbarians Arrive by Alvin Pang

John Kinsella – Autography 6




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