The Wolf 24


Charles Simic – Eternities
Saskia Hamilton – Ivor Gurney
Ilya Kaminsky – from Deaf Republic
Ilya Kaminsky – Our Boys Want a Public Killing…
Anne Waldman – History Will Decide
John Kinsella – Convergence
Gabriel Levin – Auto da Fι
Fadhil Al-Azzawi – The Executioners
Will Stone – The Survivors
Will Stone – Secret of the Picpus Cemetery, Paris
Nikola Madzirov – Things We Want to Touch
Blandine Longre – Clarities
Brian Henry – Brother No One
Ailbhe Darcy – Funambulism
Todd Swift – Swimboy
Colin Cheney – Messier Catalog
Zawgyi – The Helmsman
Zawgyi – Zogyi and Invisibility
Paul Stubbs – The Last Signs of Science
Oliver Dixon – Local History 3
Valzhyna Mort – Match
Rasha Omran – Ophelia, As I Want To Be
Nina Zivancevic – A Visit to Blake’s House
Fadhil Al-Azzawi – Aphorisms
Golan Haji – Soldiers
Andrι Naffis-Sahely – Las Ratas
Danielle Blau – Triptych
Philip Gross – Closed Loops

The Wolf Interview: Charles Simic

Critical Prose and Reviews

The Wolf Reviews: Thomas Sayers Ellis, Colin Cheney, Ishion Hutchinson and Karen Weiser

b/w by Niall McDevitt

Man of Glass by Tabish Khair
Kalagora by Siddhartha Bose

Holocaust by Charles Reznikoff

'King Stork': Geoffrey Hill's Selected Poems

'Through Fogged and Fumbling Shadows': Charles Bernstein’s Selected Poems




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