The Wolf 23

June 2010


Anne Carson – Prometheus Bound
Alfred Corn – Cheiromancy
Lidija Dimkovska – Bonsai
Paul Stubbs – The Birth of the Third Reich
Paul Stubbs – Parousia
Richard Parker – From the Mountain of California…
Niall McDevitt – In London
Miodrag Pavlović – Giorgione: La Tempesta
Saskia Hamilton – The Names
Saskia Hamilton – Inroads
Anne Marie-Fyfe – The Understudy
Alfred Corn – Dublin Night
Evan Jones – Self-portrait with Argos the Hundred-eyed
Penelope Shuttle – Burden
Aimé Césaire – When in the Heat of the Day…
Aimé Césaire – Delicacy of a Mummy
Siddhartha Bose – Wandering Shadow
Siddhartha Bose – The Muckworm
Mark Granier – Pocket Venus
Helen Moore – Vermin Acts
Sumita Chakraborty – Glottophagie
Ishion Hutchinson – The Turning Road
Kevin Higgins – School Days: A Photographic History
James Brookes – Opiates: Kaliningrad
Kate Potts – Three Wishes

Translation Feature: Contemporary Ukrainian Poets

Marianna Kiyanovska – Migratory Death
Serhiy Zhadan – Alcohol
Dmytro Lazutkin – Gasoline
Halyna Krouk ­– Hiding the Large...

The Wolf Interview: Alfred Corn

Critical Prose and Reviews

The Rose of Time: New and Selected Poems by Bei Dao

mainstream love hotel by Todd Swift

A British Reading of Cavafy

Poetry and Tautology: Reading Arthur Yap’s ‘Paraphrase’

‘The Labor of Revision’: George Oppen’s Sincerity




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