The Wolf 23

June 2010


Prose / Interview


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The Wolf 23 acknowledges and is grateful for the support of:

Alfred Corn, Gwee Li Sui, Olena Jennings, Oksana Lutsyshyna, Michael Kindellan, Kevin Higgins, Evan Jones and Paul Stubbs for providing the critical
content for this issue.

The Wolf is additionally grateful to Scott Anderson for his original artwork and to all of The Wolf team for their ongoing support.

Special thanks goes to Linda Oppen for her generosity in allowing The Wolf to reprint material from the writing of George Oppen.

Lastly, thanks to the contributing poets, translators, publishers, and all those who submitted their work.

Printed by Colourworks Digital, London.

The Wolf is now accepting submissions for issue 24 due out in late October 2010.

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