Adonis – Tree
Adonis – Tree
Niall McDevitt – The Jewess
Margo Berdeshevsky – Lilith As a Babe
Khaled Mattawa – Psalms for Poseidon
John McCullough – The Crystal Palace
Toby Martinez de las Rivas – The White Road
Gunner Harding – Créole
Phillip Alvaré – Heron
Nina Zivancevic – Berlin
Rasha Livada – Purgatory
James Womack – Pathfinder
Helen Moore – Hedge Fund
Robert Rehder – Full Circle
Robert Rehder – Frank’s Chapel
Sudeep Sen – Almaya, Jaffa
Oliver Dixon – Filial Love
Matthew Sweeney – Study in Yellow with Poodles
Miklós Radnóti – Picture Postcards
Richard Parker – The Punctual Tern
Astrid van Baalen – Paul Celan Act IV, Scene III
K.L. Walker – Seeing if Off Right
Sophie Robinson – we too are drifting
Peter Reading – Exponential
Oliver Dixon – Local History
John McCullough – The Snail and Miss Fothergill
Fiona Curran – Never Try to Outswim a Bear
Margo Berdeshevsky – Un-traveling

Reviews and Critical Prose

The Wolf Interview: Ruth Padel

The Wolf Book Reviews:
Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence between
Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell
Herzzeit: Ingeborg Bachmann – Paul Celan.
Der Briefwechsel

‘I Am Not A Gay Writer’ –
Homosexuality and British Poetry

The Wolf Book Review:
Avia by Nathaniel Tarn

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