Corsino Fortes - Postcards from the High Seas
John Kinsella - Ludlow Tuart Forest Re-enactments
C.D. Wright - Like Heat Coming Off The Asphalt
Alfred Corn - Debriefing
Gillian Grafton - First Lines
Ruth Padel - The Extra Eye
Dragan Radovancevic - Deformed Mime
Dragan Radovancevic - Doppellgänger
Sandeep Parmar - Archive for a Daughter
Ruth Padel - He Ignores His Father's Advice
Todd Swift - Myth
Michael McKimm - The Cycling Geologist
Siddhartha Bose - Animal City
Evan Jones - Black Swallows from the Desert
Penelope Shuttle - Like St Agnes
Clare Pollard - Invitation to a Vampire
T. Zachary Cotler - George Gordon, Sixth Lord Byron…
Sargon Boulus - Notes from a Traveller
Paul Celan - This Evening Also
JL Williams - Bounty
Simon Haworth - Walden Pond
Caroline Carver - Leaving the Ice House World
Christopher Horton - Gaudi's Workshop, June 6th...

Reviews and Critical Prose

The Wolf Interview: C.D. Wright

On Zukofsky’s Ordering of Bottom

The Wolf Book Reviews:
The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poetry
Leontia Flynn’s Drives
John Kinsella’s Shades of the Sublime & Beautiful

You and I Will Burn This Town:
The Poetry of Radovan Karadzic

Lucie Brock-Broido’s Ressurection of Thomas James


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C.D. Wright, Lynn Keller, Richard Parker, James Womack,
Siddhartha Bose, Dragan Radovancevic, Ruth Ling,
Evan Jones, Sandeep Parmar and Kim Howey
for providing the critical content for this issue.


The Wolf is also grateful to Katya Evdokimova
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