The Wolf 18

August 2008


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Peter Redgrove: poet into scientist, in conversation with Robert Minhinnick, James Merrill & the postmodern breakthrough, Morand and Pound: 'Nice' reintroduced, artist in residence: Emily Chappell, poems, translations, essays & reviews.

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The Wolf acknowledges and is grateful for the support of: Arts Council of England, Colourworks Digital

Thanks to: The Arts Council England, Colourworks Digital, Neil Roberts, Michael Kindellan, Gillian Grafton, Kathleen Palti, Katherine Hunt, Anna Smaill, Piotr Gwiazda, Mary de Rachewiltz, Penelope Shuttle, Sandeep Parmar, Kim Howey and Robert, Minhinnick for providing the critical content for this issue.

Thanks also to: Emily Chappell for her original artwork and to all of The Wolf team for their ongoing support.

Many thanks to the contributing poets, translators, publishers, and all those who submitted their work.

Additional thanks to Norbert Hirschhorn for his readings of some of the submissions.


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