The Wolf 13

October 2006


MP3 The Wolf 13 launch 51' 28" 11.7 Mb
Anne Rouse, Robert Stein, Linda Black, Fiona Curran, Niall McDevitt, Mark Leech, Ahren Warner. MC: James Byrne. Recorded: 9th October 2006, Poetry Society.



In the magazine

Interview: August Kleinzahler, reviews: Penelope Shuttle & African Books Collective, Niall McDevitt: Contra Avante-Garde plus over 30 new poems.

The editor would like to say thanks to the following for making this issue of The Wolf possible: August Kleinzahler, Hugh O'Malley, Matt Williams, Niall O'Sullivan, Bloodaxe Books, African Books Collective, Colourworks Digital, all the contributors and all who submitted.

Images in this issue are from Photodebut a non-profit organization which intends to support, promote and connect ambitious photographers.


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